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Drop shadow and dropper tool in v6.0?

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Drop shadow and dropper tool in v6.0?

Postby Krenzathal » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:34 am

I'm about to upgrade to Audiolabel 6.0 but I'd like to know if the new version features a drop shadow feature for the text and more importantly a dropper tool for the custom colours section? These are the feature that I find I really miss when working with Audiolabel and it would make life so much easier to not have to constantly switch between Photoshop and Audiolabel in order to get what I need.

I'm more interested in the dropper tool as I like to match text colours to that of the album artwork and so it would be hugely advantageous rather than having to go back into my pain program and write down the RGB colour number information and punch it all in manually. The drop shadow would be hugely welcome also.

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