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Avery Template 5931 - Color Formatting Issues

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Avery Template 5931 - Color Formatting Issues

Postby tmnoonan » Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:05 pm

Using Avery template 5931 to print a digital picture onto a CD label, but the color is completely washed out. It's oversaturated in parts, but leaving negative space in others. Have installed new cartridges and have performed alignment tasks, to no avail. Suggestions?
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Re: Color formatting issues

Postby Admin » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:28 am


Your picture shows missing colors which is due to a clogged ink cartridges (AudioLabel does not alter the printed image). Even brand new cartridges can be clogged from the very beginning.

What's important is to run the "Nozzle/Head Check" utility that is part of your print driver. This utility will print a pattern using all the colors on a test piece of paper. If the pattern is messed up you will need to run the "Nozzle/Head Cleaning" utility to unclog the ink cartridge. Once the "Nozzle/Head Check" utility shows a perfect pattern then you are ready to print your labels. This process might have to be done a few times to get things right. However, please use the "Nozzle/Head Cleaning" sparingly since it can waste a lot of ink from your new cartridge.

To run the "Nozzle/Head Check" and "Nozzle/Head Cleaning" utilities, start AudioLabel, click the "Print" button, the "Printer Properties" button, and then the "Print Driver Properties" button (this will open the manufacture's print dialog). From there please search for these head check/cleaning utilities.

If you have problems finding these utilities, please let me know the exact model of your printer and I could help you locate them.
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