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A Fine Product

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A Fine Product

Postby Scooter » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:33 am

I've been using this product since 2015. Very Satisfied. I use the Memorex Jewel Case inserts as well as the same type purchased from Staples, sold under the staples name.. I also use the cd mount that came with the memorex templates to set the CD cover after printing on the cd template..

I use the avery ink jet 8692 CD Labels and The Staples 5931/8931 compatible with The Avery Labels.
I've never calibrated my printer but I have had no issues. Perhaps I should investigate. But my jewel covers pretty much match what I see on professionally produced Disks. As a hobby, I take photos and it is extremely easy double click and place a photo that I took on either the front or rear insert or cd. Some pics you might copy past from the internet, especially old pics sometimes don't show as clearly, but what can I say. They appear over blown,slightly out of focus. But recent pics don't seem to do that.
I use a HP 8100.

Also, using the Jewel case inserts you can do double sided printing and it doesn't seem to leak through.

Doing double sided printing gives it the look of a store bought CD or CVD,

I do not use the slim jewel cases, I use the ones ad you might purchased on-line or from a retail store sold by an artist. If you print a cover pic to fit the face of a jewel case, the memorex selection seems to work ok.

Love the ability to put titles and such, song and their running times and if the song title is a bit too long, it will still fit by adjusting the font.

Like the color selection for print.

Would be interested in a upgrade product if one available.
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