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Changing Case in Artist/Track Info

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Changing Case in Artist/Track Info

Postby kwil » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:41 am

I've repeated this in the 'Feature Request' section as well from which I may get a reply that answers everything.

Here's the problem:

I have a hi-fi CD player which shows CD TEXT in its display.

I use Nero Burning software when compiling lists of Artist/Track names on any CD I burn.

This allows CD-TEXT as an option and I burn a lot of CD's.

Now, I create the CD list in UPPER CASE within Nero, then burn it.

The resulting 'UPPER CASE' characters just look better in CD display than 'Sentence Case' ie XXX rather than Xxx

When I'm about to create a 'Back' label in Audio Label, I insert the CD > Read CD

The track list shows, but of course does so in UPPER case

I then have to go through each Artist/Track and manually re-type in the format I like for each Artist/track,

capitalising the FIRST Letter of each word: eg Audio Label - The Best In The Business

A real drag if you've a lot of CD's to label, like I do most of the time.

As users of 'MS Word' etc will know, you can change case easily on any document eg 'Capitaise Each Word', so I'm surprised Audio Label didn't think of this too.

Ideally, it would be great to just highlight all tracks in Audio Label and have an option to 'change case'.
That would save me a lot of typing time!

I've used Audio Label for a long time and am very acquainted with it.

However, I can't see any way of solving this problem, other than the above.

Note: capitals on CD-TEXT is non-negotiable! :D

All this may not be a big deal to others, but it is to me.

So, if anyone can offer sensible suggestions to overcome this niggle I'd be grateful.

If not, then perhaps it's something Audio Label might want to include in a future version.

Many thanks
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