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Simple answer to simple question.

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Simple answer to simple question.

Postby scmccollough » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:20 pm

I looked at a machine on ebay at Duplicator Depot. My question was simple. Burned some of my own cds using memorex RW blanks. The machine was a 1 Burner 24x Lightscribe CD DVD Duplicator Drive Printing Labeling Machine. $290.00
When I asked if it would print/etch SIMPLE TEXT-A few words above center hole of cd-a few words below center hole of cd, I got a rash of complicated, what appeared to be copyrighted Album Covers, Beatles, '' Let it Be,'' to hill street blues scenes. They said they only built, and did troubleshooting, someone else made the templates. Presumably, that is the makers of this forum.
Admittedly, somewhat of a computer rookie. Not interested in making,'' Album Covers.'' Just some simple Labeling.But I want it to look professionally executed, don't want my bad handwriting. Can anyone comment, maybe explain where to find simple, but good looking labels ?
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