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Invert Disc and/or change to black and white

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Invert Disc and/or change to black and white

Postby Glitch » Thu May 15, 2014 1:06 pm


I've been creating lightscribe labels for discs during the duration of my trial period. Though some trial and error, I've discovered that changing the image to black and white and having the background printed instead of the text/picture gives better results and a higher contrast then having the text and picture as the printed area on colored discs. For instance, if I was using a green disc, I would (in Photoshop) create/import an image, switch it to a black and white image with an image and text, then invert it so that the image and text are white and the rest of the image is black, making the background be darkened on the disc after lightscribing, leaving the image and text the original disc color. This especially works on colors that don't stand out well, like blue and green.

I hope I am making sense. It would be nice to have an option in AudioLabel itself to change an image to black and white and invert the image so I didn't have to load Photoshop for each label design.

Thanks for reading my rambling suggestion!
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