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Printing spine labels on Memorex 3 in 1 labels

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Printing spine labels on Memorex 3 in 1 labels

Postby mandrix » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:18 am

There is no preset for printing on Memorex "3 in 1" label sheets thin spine labels or the larger label found on these sheets.
I use these to label the slim CD cases. Even the larger label could be printed on and cut into individual smaller labels. I've done this with the original Memorex software, but of course it doesn't work on Windows 10.

Identical label sheets are sold on Amazon, e.g., to mimic the Memorex design and can be found by searching for "Memorex CD labels". All these label sheets have 2 CD labels, 2 thin labels, & 2 wider labels & have been around for years.

The gist of it is I need this capability and haven't found any solutions other than to take an existing design and hacking it (AudioLabel doesn't let you shrink a design all the way down to a few mm as far as I know)

So.....why not just create a preset label design? After all it's part of the original Memorex CD labeling system for a long time now.

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