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Difficulties with audiolabel on my new printer

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Difficulties with audiolabel on my new printer

Postby Gollum » Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:23 pm


I have been using Audiolabel for a few years now. My printer died and I bought a new canon ts8151 printer. I had created a 2 disc label. Simple discs with text written on and no background. I printed disc 1 with my old printer no problem but then it died so I had to print disc 2 with the new printer. The disc 2 is identical to the other disc but the text was somehow more to the left and 1 sentence in the middle hole and cut out etc.

With my new printer comes a program "my image garden" when I use that the texts go on the right place. But that program weirdly doesn't allow you to save the labels you create in folders, so you can back it up somewhere else, it's just in the program which means that if something happens to my computer my work will be lost.

I want to keep using Audiolabel. Why is the disc normal in my old printer but text misplaced in my new one? Help would be much appreciated
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