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Failure to recognize audio disc playlist

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Failure to recognize audio disc playlist

Postby jtmaddock » Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:06 pm

I have not seen a posting similar to this one so I'm hoping that there's a solution available.

Verbatim brand CD-R discs that I burn using MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab versions 11, 15 and 2017 finish the burn with an error message that says that they didn't finalize. Nero InfoTool reports that they did in fact finalize. When I read the CD's with AudioLabel (registered, latest version), the AudioLabel software crashes.

If I burn a CD-R using Nero Burning ROM, there is no error message, and AudioLabel successfully reads the CD and can successfully create a track list.

What makes the difference here? MAGIX has not provided a solution, but has recommended that the problem is my computer, an HP Pavilion recent model (2016). Their technician suggests that I use the MAGIX software to export .WAV files to Nero, then burn from there. This does not crash AudioLabel but it seems like just a workaround and, of course, the extra work is on my part.

I can create the discs directly and successfully using Nero Burning ROM alone, but then I will lose the sound enhancements provided by Audio Cleaning Lab.

Two final questions: If Nero InfoTool reports the discs created with Audio Cleaning Lab finalized are they in fact finalized? If so, why do they cause AudioLabel to crash?

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Re: Failure to recognize audio disc playlist

Postby Admin » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:08 am


We are not familiar with the MAGIX software, but having an error while burning a disc is not a good thing. This is most likely the reason AudioLabel is having difficulties. I have a feeling that a successful MAGIX burn would fix everything; Although, this problem would have to be addressed through MAGIX support.

1. When you say AudioLabel "crashes" when reading a MAGIX burned disc, what exactly happens? Is there an error number or message?

2. Can you actually play the music on a MAGIX burned CD on your computer or stereo?
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