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Canon Pixma Pro9000 with a Printable CD

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Canon Pixma Pro9000 with a Printable CD

Postby Ross Neilson » Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:40 am

I have just downloaded the trial version to print a label on a printable cd. I have carried out a printer calibration and selected the correct options for the printer I believe but the label is way out of alignment. I tried this on another laptop I have with same result. Is there a way to fix this? regards Ross
Ross Neilson
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Re: printing cd labels with Canon Pixma Pro9000

Postby Admin » Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:27 am

Hi Ross,

It's possible the calibration messed up the alignment.

Please try this:

1. Open AudioLabel, go to Printer Calibration, and set the Horizontal and Vertical offsets back to zero (clicking the Cancel button on the Printer Calibration dialog will still save the offset settings).

2. Go to the Change Label Template option and select the "Canon Pixma Pro9000 Printer" template and click OK.

3. Go the Print dialog, click the Printer Properties button, and then click the "Printer Driver Properties" button (under the Direct Disc Printing section.

4. Please make sure your printer driver settings look like this:

Canon-Pro-9000-Print-Driver-Settings-Main.jpg (Viewed 12960 times)

Canon-Pro-9000-Print-Driver-Settings-Page-Setup.jpg (Viewed 12960 times)

5. At this point, AudioLabel should be close to the target. Please use a junk/scrap disc for testing. It's helpful to print a blank white disc with the "Print Borders" option turned on.

6. If there are problems with print alignment, please use the Edit Dimensions dialog to make manual adjustments to the Left and Top alignment dimensions.

Please let us know how it goes... :mrgreen:
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