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CD Label Print Quality

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CD Label Print Quality

Postby aunger » Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:48 pm

I'm trying to print a CD label on Avery paper. However, print quality is low (the printing process is very fast - similar to regular printing and unlike photo printing). Is there a way to increase the quality?
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Re: CD Label Print Quality

Postby Admin » Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:42 am


The print quality is affected by your printer, print driver, ink cartridge, and paper.

When you start AudioLabel, click "Print", and then "Printer Properties", and then "Print Driver Properties". This will open the manufacturer's print driver for your printer. From here, there should be an option to set the print quality.

The print quality is also affected by your printer ink cartridge. If your printer is not used for more than a week or two, the ink can dry on the cartridge head. This makes for terrible print quality and missing colors.

There should be an option in your print driver for a "Nozzle/Head Check". This option will print a test page with all the colors, and show if the ink cartridge is working correctly. If the test page shows a problem, there is a print driver option for "Nozzle/Head Cleaning". This option will usually fix most cartridge problems, but it does use a lot of ink in the process (so use it sparingly).

Also, if you want "True" color that matches exactly, it's best to buy ink cartridges from the original manufacturer. These cartridges can be very expensive, so if you do care about matching the color exactly, you can buy the cheaper replacement cartridges from no-name brands.
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