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Color off when printing to disc. Canon MG7160

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Color off when printing to disc. Canon MG7160

Postby mcgheer » Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:53 pm

When I print a disc, it does not matter what colour is on the disc, it only prints in green. I have reinstalled the printer software, canon MG7160, and reinstalled audio label as well. Front and back are printing in the right colour, but not the disc. Operating system, Windows 10. Can anyone help. :cry:
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Re: printing to disc

Postby Admin » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:40 am


Based on your description, it sounds like your ink cartridge is clogged or low on ink. You check this in the Maintenance section of the Canon MG7160 print driver.

Please try this:

1. Start AudioLabel, click the "Print" button, the "Printer Properties" button, and then "Print Driver Properties" button. This will open the Canon MG7100 series print driver.

2. Select the "Maintenance" tab.

3. Click the Nozzle Check button (as shown below) and follow the directions to check the cartridge. The nozzle check requires a piece of A4 paper.

4. If the Nozzle Check shows clogged heads then you will need to run the Cleaning or Deep Cleaning options. Please use these options sparingly as they use a lot of ink.

5. Once your Nozzle Check shows good results, you should be able to print directly on the disc with the correct colors.

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