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How to print directly on a disc using the Epson R320 printer

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How to print directly on a disc using the Epson R320 printer

Postby Lairbear » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:27 pm

Attempt to direct print (CD) to EPSON R320 printer via AudioLabel v 5.00 Build 6. Encounter EPSON printer display Error: Close DVD/CD Guide- rather novel in that I'm trying to print on a printable CD with CD tray inserted in DVD/CD tray/guide (door) open on the R320. Is AudioLabel s/w failing to tell the R320 to use alternate (DVD/CD) tray? Driver issue?

Checked EPSON web site- appears that my printer driver is correct/current (Windows 7 Home Pro SP1).

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Re: EPSON R3220 Error: Close CD/DVD Guide

Postby Admin » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:35 am

This problem is most likely due to print driver settings. To print directly on the disc using the Epson R320 printer:

1. Open AudioLabel and select the "Epson Stylus Photo R320 Printer" template in the "Change Label Template" dialog.
2. Go to the "Print" dialog and select the Epson R320 printer in the "Printers" drop-down, and then click the "Properties" button.
3. Next, click the "Print Driver Properties" button under "CD Printer Settings" (which opens the actual Epson Print Driver).
4. From here you need to set the "Source", "Type", and "Size" under the "Paper Options" to:

Source = "Manual"
Type = "CD/DVD" or "CD/DVD Premium Surface"
Size = "A4"

5. Once these setting are in place, direct disc printing should be straight forward. Please follow the disc tray loading procedures in your Epson manual.

It's recommended that you always test print on a scrap disc before using a real disc. To get good alignment, print out a blank white disc design (with no pictures, text, or color), and make sure the "Print Borders" option is turned on when printing. This will print a black line exactly where the edges of the disc are.

Since the surface area of an ink jet printable disc varies by brand/model, it might be necessary to make adjustments to template dimensions (by clicking the "Edit Dimensions" button).

Please let me know how it goes.
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Re: EPSON R3220 Error: Close CD/DVD Guide

Postby Lairbear » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:24 pm


In a word...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (OK, that was six). I followed your instructions to the letter...and WOW! Like a charm it works!! And all I got out of the EPSON 'Tech' was: You MUST use the EPSON Print CD software. Your support is exemplary!

Now this is what I call support! I worked in s/w support and design (Software Engineer supporting large scale Enterprise Servers) for close to forty years so I know of what I speak!

The error occurred because I chose the generic EPSON direct print CD selection when I changed template, not realizing that there existed a specific R320 selection further down the list...color me embarrassed!

For your efforts, and support I award to you Six (6) 'Atta Girls'. Tell your hubby, or S.O., or boyfriend to take you out to dinner this weekend.

I suspect that this situation has been encountered before, because your response came rather quickly.

Randy Reist
S/W Engineer Ret.
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