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Read Album Information using CDPlayer.ini

CDPlayer.ini is a file that might be on your computer and is used to store CD album information such as the artist, title, and track list. AudioLabel can Read this file, retrieve the album information, and fill out the label for you.

The CDPlayer.ini file was originally created by a Windows program called CD Player that shipped with Windows 95 and Windows 98. Since then, many other audio programs have adopted this file standard and can read and write to this file. It's possible to find the CDPlayer.ini on any Windows computer. It's common for cd-burning programs to create and add information to this file.

AudioLabel does not create the CDPlayer.ini file, but simply reads from it (if present). The CDPlayer.ini file is usually found on your computer under "C:/Windows/cdplayer.ini". It should be noted that this file may not be on your computer at all depending the audio software you have installed on your computer.
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