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The first version of AudioLabel was released back in 2002 and there have been many improvements along the way. Here's a complete list of What's New and what has been.
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Version: 7.00 Build 1
File Size: 10.5 MB
Release Date: November 28, 2021
Version 7.00 - 11/28/2021
NewWindows 11 Compatible.
NewImproved scaling of fonts, images, and dialogs based on Windows layout settings.
NewSupport for high resolution 4k monitors.
NewRedesigned Print Dialog.
NewRedesigned Change Label Template dialog.
NewRedesigned Save as Image dialog.
ImprovedThe Read CD function now uses for all CD database searches.
ImprovedNew printer templates for Canon CD printers using Type L and Type M disc trays.

Version 6.00 - 05/12/2015
NewCurved/Circular Text for all CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc labels. The curved text can face in or out from the disc center.
NewFull rotation of text and images simply by using the mouse.
NewTransparency adjustment for all images.
NewUnicode support for displaying all international letters and characters (as of AudioLabel 6.0 Build 5 and later).
NewWindows 10 Compatible.
NewNew CD printer templates for Canon and Brother disc printers.
ImprovedFaster real-time movement of text and images when sizing or dragging.
ImprovedA thumbnail image is displayed when dragging images from the Image Toolbar.

Version 5.00 - 11/30/2012
NewFont and line smoothing. AudioLabel uses a new graphics engine with anti-aliasing to produce the highest quality graphics and fonts.
NewLightScribe support. Burn label designs directly on CDs and DVDs with LightScribe enabled drives.
NewBlu-ray support. New templates for Blu-ray cases and inserts.
NewSupport for transparent images. Import and display 32 bit alpha transparent images in PNG and TIF format. Copy and paste transparent images from any program that supports transparency.
NewReal-time movement and display of text and images when sizing or dragging.
NewWindows 8 Compatible.
NewNew CD printer templates for Canon, Epson, HP Hewlett Packard, and Brother CD Printers. New label paper templates for Avery.
NewRe-designed the New Project dialog to show real-time thumbnails of default projects.
NewAudioLabel now uses Windows themed controls (buttons, checkboxes, scroll bars, drop downs, etc.) to match your current Windows theme.
ImprovedThe case width, height, and spine dimensions can now be edited in the Change Label Template dialog. The inner diameter of a disc can be set to zero.
ImprovedThe Disc Position property can switch between 1 and 2 disc templates without loading a new project.
ImprovedThe Change Label Template dialog can be re-sized for easier viewing.
ImprovedThe view can be zoomed in or out by pressing CTRL + or CTRL - on the keyboard.
ChangedThe "Export Label to Image File" option is now called "Save As Image".
ChangedThe "Image Search" button is now called "Image Folder". The Image Folder dialog is bigger for easier selection.

Version 4.40 - 02/19/2009
NewWindows 7 Compatible (AudioLabel 4.40 Build 7 and later)
ImprovedRe-designed the Print dialog box to make it easier to print. The print "Properties" button now includes separate settings for CD Printers that can print directly on inkjet printable CDs. The print "Preview" button only shows the pages being printed.
FixedWhen logging into your computer as a different user, the message "Error saving the default file." appeared at startup.

Version 4.30 - 12/05/2008
NewAdded 55 new CD printer templates for Canon, Epson, and HP Hewlett Packard CD printers
FixedThe printer calibration settings were not always saved after closing AudioLabel.

Version 4.20 - 11/24/2007
NewAdded Hue, Saturation, and Lightness slider controls for all images.
NewAdded new background images.
NewAdded support for new CD Printers.
ImprovedImproved compatibility with Windows Vista.
ImprovedThe last window size is remembered each time AudioLabel is started.
ChangedThe color toolbar is now disabled when an image is selected.
FixedImages created with the 'Export Label to Image File" option sometimes had a different resolution listed in the file properties.

Version 4.00 - 02/05/2007
NewAdded the Export Label to Image File dialog box. You can easily create high resolution images of your labels to share with friends, import into programs, or send to commercial CD duplicators for high volume production. AudioLabel can create Bitmap Files (bmp), JPEG Files (jpg), PNG Files (png), and TIFF Files (tif).
NewAdded support for 37 new CD Printers including Epson, Canon, HP Photosmart D5145, HP Photosmart D5155, HP Photosmart D5160, HP Photosmart D5168, and Trace Affex CD-Artist.
NewAdded an Edit Dimensions button to the Properties Toolbar so template dimensions can be easily edited.
NewAdded 4 new Background Images.
NewAdded a CD Printer Tray selection box in the CD Printer Properties.
ImprovedImproved the speed of the Image Toolbar. Thumbnails are created up to 20 times faster than AudioLabel version 3.80 (especially for high resolution images from digital cameras).
ImprovedImproved the Kerning (or spacing) of the text on the label.
ImprovedThe Properties Toolbar displays Text Labels next to the icons for more clarity. Also, a checkmark has been added next to the selected item.
ImprovedThe Image Tooltip now shows megabytes and kilobytes for the image size.
ImprovedWhen using a DVD Case Template, a background image can now be added to the front and back panels separately.
ChangedThe help file was converted to a CHM file to be Windows Vista Compatible.
FixedSome selection boxes were not displayed correctly when using a monitor that was wider than 1600 pixels.

Version 3.80 - 09/01/2006
NewAdded a separate 'Text Editor' that allows you to edit the text on all of the labels simultaneously (Front Cover, Back Cover, and Disc Label).
NewAdded a 'CD Printer Properties' dialog that saves the CD Printer settings separately.
NewAdded 24 new background images.
NewAudioLabel now remembers the last used print driver settings (including the cd printer settings). All of the printer settings are kept completely separate from the Windows operating system.
ImprovedThe Image Toolbar creates thumbnail images much faster, and preloads more images for faster scrolling.
ImprovedAdded extra Help buttons to the Print Dialog, Printer Calibration, Read CD, and Advanced Settings Dialog.
ImprovedAdded more information to the help file about Reading CDs, CD Printers, and printing in general.
ImprovedAdded the Epson Stylus Photo R1800 to the list of CD Printers.
ImprovedThe main view is zoomed and centered each time the Text Editor or Image Toolbars are moved.
ImprovedThe 'Change Label Paper' dialog was made larger for easier reading.
ImprovedDouble clicking the left side bar of the Image Toolbar will automatically size the toolbar to one column.
ChangedThe 'CD Printer Properties' dialog is automatically shown the very first time you print directly on a CD.
ChangedTracks can only be added using the Text Editor.
FixedReduced some flickering of the main selection box, and thumbnail images when moving the Image Toolbar.

Version 3.20 - 02/02/2006
NewAdded support for cd label printers; including Epson, Canon, EZ/CD Print, Microboards, Primera (Bravo & Signature), and Rimage Everest CD printers.
ImprovedAudioLabel now remembers the last directory used to open a file, save a file, and open an image.
FixedThe print preview no longer shows and extra blank page when the front and back cover are on the same page.
FixedThe cursor will no longer move over the track number and track time columns if they have been hidden.

Version 3.10 - 12/16/2005
NewAdded support for DVD case labels.
NewAdded 30 new background images.
ImprovedClicking on the preview pane in the 'Change Label Paper' dialog now opens the 'Label Alignment Wizard'.
ImprovedThe sizing rectangles used to move objects have been made larger.
FixedFixed rounding issues when typing dimensions in the 'Label Alignment Wizard'.
FixedThe 'Total Time' was not always updated after reading a CD.

Version 3.00 - 11/07/2004
New'In-line' text editing (just click where you want to type). There is no longer a 'Text Editor' dialog box.
NewAdded a one-click formatting toolbar (much like Microsoft Word). The old properties dialog box has been removed.
NewAdded a one-click color toolbar.
NewYou can now set the font, color, and formatting for each individual character.
NewAutoFit can be turned on and off.
NewThe text layout includes a 'Word-Wrapping' mode.
NewAdded support for GIF and TIFF image files.
NewThe text can now be underlined.
NewAdded a special 'Custom Color' dialog box to easily set an exact color.
NewThe 'Print' dialog box includes that ability the set the amount of background bleed (the edge overlap of color and images when printing).
NewAudioLabel can now Cut, Copy, and Paste text and images between any program.
NewThe track list now allows multiple lines of text per track when set in the 'Table Format' mode.
NewThe track list can now be set to '2 Column' mode.
NewAdded a 'Link Text' option that allows you make changes to text without affecting the rest of the label.
NewAdded 25 new backgrounds.
ImprovedThe image sidebar can now slide out of the way for more view space.
ImprovedImproved the image quality for thumbnails displayed on the image sidebar and the mini-preview in the print dialog box.
ImprovedThe disc position (top, bottom, and duplicate disc) can now be set from the formatting toolbar.
ImprovedThe disc position can now be switched when in the 'Double CD Case' mode.
ImprovedSimplified the 'Edit', 'Toolbar', and 'Layout' menus.
Improved Removed the 'Object' toolbar and replaced it with a simple 'Insert' button on the main toolbar.
ImprovedAdded the 'Undo', 'Redo', and 'Print' options to the main toolbar.
ImprovedSimplified the 'Printer Calibration' dialog box.
ImprovedSimplified the 'Advanced Settings' dialog box for the 'Read CD' option.
ImprovedSimplified the 'Image Search' dialog box by removing the folder description.
ImprovedThe 'Read CD' dialog now remembers that last cd drive selected.
ChangedThe 'Print Borders' option has now been moved to the 'Print' dialog box.
ChangedThe 'Image' toolbar now requires a double-click to set an image as the background.
ChangedSelecting a background color will now replace the current background image.
ChangedTracks can be added to a track list by moving the cursor to the end of a track row and then pressing ENTER.
ChangedTracks can be deleted from the track list by selecting the entire track and then pressing the DELETE or BACKSPACE key.
ChangedThe program always starts in 'Single CD Case' mode.
ChangedTons of other stuff not even worth mentioning.
FixedCould not set the font weight in some rare cases.

Version 2.20 - 10/17/2003
NewAdded the ability to print a duplicate of the same disc on the same page.
NewAdded four new backgrounds.
ImprovedRe-designed the print dialog box to show a mini-preview of the printed pages.
ImprovedThe Read CD function will now pause any playing CD so the album information can be read correctly.
ImprovedThe Read CD function now lists the origin of the album information (Freedb, CD-Text, and CDPlayer.ini).
FixedFixed an issue with "Error 86" on Windows ME.

Version 2.18 - 8/14/2003
NewAdded a blank background on the image side bar to easily remove the current background.
ImprovedThe guide lines are now transparent regardless of the background.
ImprovedThe non-printable area is now removed from the print preview.
ImprovedImproved the default template.
FixedFixed a drawing issue when the system font was set higher than 96 dpi.
FixedFixed an issue with drive letters being switched on Windows 95,98,ME.

Version 2.15 - 6/11/2003
NewAdded the "Label Alignment Wizard" which can easily adjust label/printer alignment.
ImprovedThe print dialog box now includes label paper selection.
ImprovedAdded support for new label paper types.
ImprovedThe print dialog box now retains the printer settings after closing the program.
FixedThe thumbnail viewer could not display very high resolution images in Windows 95, 95, and ME.
FixedThe Grid Size dialog did not always retain the correct settings.

Version 2.12 - 4/11/2003
ImprovedThe rotating selection box for objects is now consistent across all operating systems.
FixedFixed an error reading CDPlayer.ini files that were created by different programs.
FixedVersion 2.12a includes a small fix that stops "Error 17" from popping up at the close of the program.
FixedFixed a memory leak issue that affected Window 95,98,and ME.

Version 2.10 - 3/23/2003
NewAdded the Image Search function to the image side bar.
NewAdded Drag and drop functionality to the image side bar.
NewAdded support for EMF and PCX image formats.
NewAdded the "Bring to Front" and "Set as Background" properties to images.
NewThe Aspect Ratio property was added to background images.
ImprovedFor simplicity and clarity the Left, Top, Width, and Height properties of text objects were removed from the Properties side bar.

Version 2.00 - 1/31/2003
NewAudioLabel can now automatically read and label MP3 CDs.
NewAdded more backgrounds to the art gallery.
NewThe Properties dialog now includes check boxes for "Yes/No" items.
NewThe "Wrap Tracks" property has been added to the Front and Back cover track lists.
ImprovedImproved the "Wrap Tracks" property for the disc label. The track names can now wrap on both sides of the center hole.
ImprovedThe installer no longer requires you to uninstall older versions. The default template is not overwritten.
FixedThe program would sometimes error in Windows XP after closing the print preview.
FixedThe actual font size in the Properties dialog was not displayed after sizing an object.
FixedThe mouse wheel did not always track properly when using the Text Editor.
FixedOther small bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.99 - 11/21/2002
FixedAudioLabel could not always read the CD-Rom drive when a separate ATA controller card was installed.
FixedFixed an issue with the wrong button graphic being displayed when using the double CD template.
FixedThe installer did not work on some Windows 95 machines.

Version 1.98
NewAdded support for the CDPlayer.ini file.
NewAdded the ability to connect to Freedb through a proxy server.
NewIt is now possible to choose the location of the Freedb server.
ImprovedImproved the Read CD functionality.
ChangedAll web links were directed to the new domain at
FixedAudioLabel would not recognize any CD-Rom drives if there were more than 8 drives attached to the system.
FixedThe WMF image format was not listed on the insert image dialog.

Version 1.97
ChangedChanged the registration page to include a direct link to the order page.
FixedThe track list alignment property was stuck on "Right" when printing the front and back covers (version 1.96 only).

Version 1.96
NewAdded an option to the angle property for upside down text (180 degrees).
ImprovedClicking the 'Object' toolbar will now drop an object on the label. The drag and drop feature still works, but is no longer required.
ImprovedAll of the text on the front and back cover now includes the multiline property.
ImprovedAll of the text on the front and back cover now includes the angle property
FixedThe angle property displayed 180 degrees instead of 270 degrees.
FixedFixed a drawing issue that occurred when selecting an object on the label while having a drop-down box open on the properties dialog.

Version 1.95
NewAudioLabel now includes a background art gallery.
NewAdded navigation buttons on the Text Editor for a track list (delete, move up, move down).
NewAdded a faster image library that now includes PNG and WMF image files.
NewImages are now clipped to the disc label for better viewing.
ImprovedThe undo option now keeps track of all text changes.
ImprovedAudioLabel no longer requires Windows Internet Explorer for image support.
ImprovedImproved the 'Selected' toolbar so that a copy of an object can also be selected.
ImprovedChanged the focus highlighting on covers for better viewing.
ImprovedThe undo buffer now manages memory more efficiently.
ImprovedAudioLabel no longer requires administrator privileges on Windows NT 4.0.
FixedFixed a problem saving JPG image files on Windows 98 without Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.
FixedFixed an issue with the program freezing when printing particular fonts with a point size below 2.
FixedThe focus rectangle did not always draw properly (rotate) when an objected was selected.

Version 1.91
FixedThe background color for the disc was not always set properly with the guides turned on.
FixedFixed issue with the program freezing in Windows 95/98 when manually typing text into the track list.

Version 1.90
FixedThe user was sometimes asked twice to save the default template.
FixedThe 'Object' toolbar did not work properly with versions of Internet explorer below 4.01.

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