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Cover Designs for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray

CD, DVD, Blu-ray Cover Designs
New Project Dialog with Cover Designs

The New Project dialog is displayed when the New option is selected from the File Menu. This dialog starts a new AudioLabel project using one of the 6 Startup Designs (shown above). You can choose between a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray cover designs, with either 1 or 2 discs. The Startup Designs already have images and text boxes added to them, and they can be customized after you start your project.

Load Blank Design: This option removes the images and text boxes from the Startup Design, so you can start your project with a blank label.

Show this Window at Startup: This option determines if the New Project dialog is displayed when AudioLabel starts. If this option is not selected, AudioLabel starts with the last selected Startup Design.

Extra Information To customize a Startup Design, start AudioLabel with the selected design, make your changes, and then select Save as Startup Design on the File Menu.

Extra Information The New Project dialog loads the design, but your label paper brand (or Disc Printer) is selected in the Change Label Template dialog.

Extra Information The number of discs in your project can also be changed using the Disc Position property on the Properties Toolbar.

Extra Information If you select a Startup Design with 2 discs you can print two different CDs on the same page. When using the Read CD function with a 2 disc project, you will be asked "Which disc would you like to add the text?" (as shown below). Likewise, when inserting a text box with 2 discs, you will be asked "Which disc would you like this text box linked to?"

CD Cover Designs
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