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Canon MG5250 Disc Template for Verbatim Digital Vinyl

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Canon MG5250 Disc Template for Verbatim Digital Vinyl

Postby kleinebompa » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:35 pm


Using my Canon Pixma MG5250, the "Labelprint" software does not allow to reduce the inner and outer circle diameters to fit the vinyl needs.

Audiolabel offers the possibility, but designing a new disc the template does not show the wanted diameters, when printing a test, circles are about correct (74/18 mm) but off-centered by 35 mm both to the left as to the top: see uploaded scan.

What did I do wrong, please help me!

verbatim vinyl printable.jpg
verbatim vinyl printable.jpg (Viewed 1585 times)
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Re: Verbatim Vinyl Printable

Postby Admin » Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:52 pm

Hi Wilfried,

You can make a custom template in AudioLabel for printing Verbatim Vinyl discs on the Canon MG5250 printer. To create a custom template, click the "Change Label Template" button, select the "Canon Pixma MG5250 Printer" template, and then click the "Create New" button. Please use the final dimensions below for your custom template.

The dimensions I've seen online for the Verbatim Digital Vinyl discs are 70mm/23mm (outer/inner diameter). The calculations below use 70mm/23mm.

Canon MG5250 Disc Template - Standard Dimensions:
Left: 6.4mm
Top: 90.9mm
Outer Diameter: 118mm

Canon MG5250 Disc Template - Standard CD

Canon MG5250 Template Center Point:
Left Center: (118mm / 2) + 6.4mm = 65.4mm
Top Center: (118mm / 2) + 90.0mm = 149.9mm

The Canon MG5250 Verbatim Digital Vinyl Dimensions:
Left: 65.4mm - (70mm / 2) = 30.4mm
Top: 149.9mm - (70mm / 2) = 114.9mm
Outer Diameter: 70mm
Inner Diameter: 23mm

Canon MG5250 Disc Template - Verbatim Digital Vinyl

Please let us know if this works out for you (so others might be helped).
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